With more than 700 dentists in Islamabad alone, literally with a couple of dental clinics in every block and with the internet to access all, choosing a dentist is a task which serves to only exaggerate the anxiety of  a dentist visit.

So why choose us?

For two decades we have been changing lives one smile at a time. Although the word of mouth recommendation has been our standard modus operandi for patients’ choice, our key assets are:


We guarantee absolute, robust, superior-standard sterilization. Period. We simply DO NOT COMPROMISE on sterilization protocols.

We make top quality dentistry affordable. We accept cash, personal cheques, credit and debit cards. With 20 years of experience of making documentations for both local and international dental insurance companies, we strive to facilitate our patients’ reimbursement procedures. We also provide financial installment plans of payments for advanced restorative treatment plans.

We have an all female staff, making purdah-observing families comfortable without any compromise in quality of service.

We have fine-tuned a gentle technique to administer pain-free anesthesia. So the fear of needles need no longer haunt you and be confident to receive relatively painless dental visits.

Our team of doctors are caring, compassionate professionals who are committed to excellence and strive to stay in the front line of the latest research and technology. We believe that proper communication is perhaps the key to our successful dental practice. Every patient has a story they want to tell – we let them tell it; we ask our patients what their biggest concerns are with dental care. Then, we stop talking and listen – really listen – to what they say.