Everyone would like to have a perfect smile but nature is seldom so accommodating. If your smile is not becoming you, then you should be coming to us. We offer solutions to transform your smile into a million dollar smile.  The steps of a smile makeover often cover the full scope of dental procedures that begin with an initial general evaluation.

The first step when you enter our dental office is to have a complete examination of your mouth to diagnose the immediate complaint but more importantly to evaluate potential dental pathologies using specific instruments, topical tests, radiographs and clinical expertise.  A treatment plan is then tailor made for you and discussed in detail to be implemented only after your consent is obtained.

Once our patient, always our patient is our motto. We are proactive in preventive dentistry, hence we believe in an active alliance with our

The common adage “Go to a dentist for one reason and he/she will find several more reasons to call you back again and again” often proves to be true. But it should not mean that you are being taken advantage of; it actually means that you are in good hands of a skilled diagnostician because a stitch in time saves nine. A couple of fillings today mean saving you from a couple of root canals and crowns in the near future, procedures that are painful to your mouth and your pocket.

patients for an efficient follow up protocol to ensure long term dental health. Preventive dentistry starts from our practice but should be practiced at your home starting with the children, so we offer free consultation for patients’ children aged under 5 that will include a comprehensive dental health education session for the parents.

Procedures carried out in our clinic fall under the following categories

  1. General Dentistry
  2. Replacement of Missing Teeth
  3. Orthodontics
  4. Cosmetic Dentistry
  5. Gum Diseases